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Register for testing with the Belin-Blank Center

Students take the test

IDEAL Solutions® interprets the results

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Powered by test scores, the system creates a report automatically; no waiting for scores in the mail.

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Share scores and recommendations, quickly and securely.

Your Source for Above-Level Testing and Interpretation

Above-level testing through the Belin-Blank Center + IDEAL Solutions® for STEM Acceleration = An interpretation that matches student capabilities with a course of action to maximize potential.

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What is Acceleration?

An academic intervention where student progresses at a faster rate or younger age than typical. Above-level testing effectively determines readiness for acceleration.

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What is STEM?

IDEAL Solutions for STEM Acceleration provides a full spectrum of interpretation (Science, Mathematics, English, and Reading), but focuses specifically on science and math, providing personalized, detailed information about the best options for each student. Subject matter acceleration is more likely to be implemented in math and science. IDEAL Solutions provides information needed to make data-driven decisions.









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Whether you have one student, a classroom, or the entire district, IDEAL Solutions can help you match high-ability students to the right curriculum.

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