A Nation Empowered, Volume 1 PDF

A Nation Empowered, Volume 1 PDF

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A Nation Empowered: Evidence Trumps the Excuses Holding Back America's Brightest Students provides an update to the watershed work initiated by A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America's Brightest Students.

A Nation Deceived informed us of research-based practices for challenging academically talented youth. A Nation Empowered tells the story of how well we have applied what we have learned.

The purpose of A Nation Empowered is to inform educators, parents, and policy makers of current research on acceleration, how that information has been applied to educational policy throughout the nation, and how educators can use the findings to make decisions for their brightest students.

Volume 1 summarizes the research on acceleration and features stories of accelerated students and their families. Ideal for administrators, parents, and others who need a brief, clear introduction to acceleration. 73 pages.

To learn more about A Nation Empowered, please visit nationempowered.org.  The book is also available in print and through the Amazon Kindle Store.